Boat Trips

An inhabited island, a private boat, tropical water, exotic fishes, mysterious monks…

Departure 10.00 hrs- Return 19.00 hrs. €139 (Min 6 Persons)

Make your holiday even more special with an exclusive and private boat trip to one of the most unknown and secret places along the Riviera:
St. Honorat. Visiting this wonderful island is a great experience for all ages. Leaving by speedboat from the port of Mandelieu, we will arrive in half an our on the island where we will start with a guided tour over the island. The island will be completely yours when we leave the sea and go into the wild! Hidden treasures from Napoleon, bunkers from the Second World War,

Exotic animals, and over all the fantastic nature will surprise you. We will admire the fugitive fort and the cathedral before we return to the boat where we will have lunch. We provide snorkelling products for every one and will practise you if it is your first time. You will see that you will be surrounded by loads of colourful fishes.
In advance you will receive a hand-out practical information, and we are having equipment for younger children who can not swim yet. We provide for everybody a diving bag to keep your belongings safe and dry. Afterwards you have the possibility to take a nice shower in the luxury bathroom from the port.

Changes to the excursion program subject to change